Tales of the Smoke Shop

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These stories were written years ago. Most were written when I was back in Bedford visiting my parents and friends. The memories were stronger up in my old bedroom on the 3rd floor. The familiar objects, sounds and smells helped me connect back in time.

Tales of the Smoke Shop was originally done for a magazine to be published in 6 parts. Unfortunately it never happened.

The “interludes” were done for my kids. For some reason I felt they should have a written record of what it was like for me growing up in the early sixties.

Both of these projects sat around for years. When I found an artist, Chris Thomasson, that agreed to do the sketches for TOTSS, I figured now was as good a time as ever to try and pull it together. I combined the two and the results are what you see here. It’s not very long. Neither is childhood.